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SugarCube widgets passage has an upper limit?

I encountered an interesting problem tonight.

My widgets passage is... huge. There came a point when new widgets wouldn't register. If I did something like

<<widget "test">>test<</widget>>

It would display the red "test macro does not exist">> and then sometimes several seconds later it would display "test" above that word.

But then I created a passage called widgets2 and also tagged it with wiget, and started adding new widgets there, and everything worked again.

Is it having a hard time reading a huge passage?


  • Without knowing how large the passage is, I couldn't even begin to say. There are no hard limits within the wikifier as to how large a passage may be, so—barring something like PEBKAC—it would almost have to be either a host (DOM/JavaScript) issue or, maybe, a compiler issue.

    Also, when were you getting this error, when defining the widget or when trying to use it? It sounds like the latter, but….
  • When trying to use it. It's about 7500 words.

    I'm sure it's not a user error since if I copy past a widget from the start and give it a slightly different name (eg copy paste <<widget "news">> and call it <<widget "news2">> it'll fail to compile the new widget.

    I had something like this before when it just randomly stopped working one day then restarted the next, but it doesn't matter since creating a second passage fixed it. My story is huge and complex though, so it's a workflow improvement to have multiple widget passages.

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