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Sugarcube 2 - make a series of images animate in a row when pressing click

I want to make images move across the screen, one at a time.

I link back to the same page and increase a number each time a button is clicked (until it gets to 20, at which point it would all restart)

I want to make it so that a series of images (they don't have to be in order) move across the screen, one at a time when the "next" button is pressed".

I feel Jquery and css would do this, but apart from that I'm considering setting screen transitions for an individually tagged page which I <<display>> and make generate a random image, but I know that would create repeats or need a bunch of extra complex code to make sure repeats don't happen.

tl;dr help me make different images go across a page each time the "next" button is pressed.
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