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Auto-combat with multiple units possible?

To cut it short, I have looked through the forum, reading through plenty of combat-related topics, but haven't stumbled upon anything that seems to fit the bill.

What I would envision for my project, puts countries against each other, with multiple dozens of "troops / units", arranged in "formations", meeting on the battlefield by the regular.
Now, commanding several dozens of swordsmen-corps, to attack another dozens of non-descript swordsmen-corps, is a grindfest I wouldn't want to implement, much less play.

Having the "in-formation units" auto-attack enemy units via a random-loop, I should get to work - but I fear that such a loop, and having each and every unit attack on its own, would be very draining on the resources. Limiting the "random roll width" every 10 units or so, also came to mind, but all of that would still be very clunky.

There has to be a better way! Right?

So what I'd like to ask is, if anyone has seen something like this implemented before, or has a better way of implementing it?
I might also just be missing an obvious solution, in which case pointing me into the right direction, would be all I ask for. ;3

Either way, thanks for reading this far, and - hopefully - thanks in advance.


  • edited September 2016
    make sure you set history state to 1 to reduce the resource drain.

    You can always abstract things so instead of rolling for units, you roll once for each formation.

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