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Adding new links to the sidebar within a passage

So I know how to add new links using StoryMenu, but is it possible to add a link from a passage, via story progress? For example, I have a party passage that allows you to have conversations with party members, but I don't want it to be available until after all of the initial party has been introduced.

Using sugarcane, by the way.


  • You can use a $variable to control when a link defined in StoryMenu is shown.

    1. Initialise the variable to false in your StoryInit special passage.
    <<set $meetAllParty to false>>

    2. Use variable to control the displaying of the link in your StoryMenu special passage.
    <<if $meetAllParty>>[[Converse with Party|Some Passage]]<<endif>>

    3. Set the variable to true after all of party has been meet.
    <<set $meetAllParty to true>>
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