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What are the possible causes of sounds suddenly not playing?

Hello all.

I've been making a game in Twine 1, using Sugarcube, to enter into the IF Comp. It's all been going fine so far but sounds are suddenly no longer working. I've got a stylesheet with Leon's HTML5 sound macros and have just been using <<playsound "xxx.mp3">>

I have the files saved in the same directory as both .mp3 and .ogg files.

In short, they used to play and now they don't!

In fact, when I go into 'test play' from Twine itself every browser says 'The page's code got itself into a mess (unspecified error)' and the game will not play. However, if I save the file as an html to play it it seems to work fine, excepting the music.

It's not the end of the world if I can't fix this, but it would be nice as the sounds add some flavour.

Many thanks for reading and thinking!


  • Ah - I think it was just a directory problem. While the temp html files for testing are automatically created in the same folder as Twine itself, I had not manually saved the html file in the same location, but to the desktop.

    There is still the issue that test play does not work of course, which slows progress somewhat (since I can only play through the game from the beginning instead of jumping straight to a passage in-browser) but at least everything seems to be working now. Fingers crossed.
  • SugarCube or Sugarcane? You say the former, however….

    Leon's HTML5 sound macros, as-is, are not fully compatible with SugarCube. Beyond that, SugarCube already has a set of native audio macros, so you don't need anything else simply to play audio.
  • Okay - thank you! I think it's worked out.
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