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Putting a space inbetween two widgets

Hey! me again lol.

Another little question. For my character display passage, I have two widgets lined up back to back in the passage ie;

You are a <<$plr.gender>> <<$plr.race>>

So I put a space in between the widgets I want to have a space but since my widget passage has a <<nobr>> tag (which I don't want to remove), my sentence ends up appearing as;

You are a maledwarf

instead of

You are a male dwarf

Is there a command to simply put a "space"?

Thanks for any help yet again!



  • You've tagged this thread as "sugarcube 1", however, those are illegal widget names, so I'm going to assume that you're confusing Sugarcane with SugarCube (v1).

    Widgets are a feature of SugarCube only. Sugarcane has pseudo-macros instead, which are conceptually similar but differ in implementation. That said, your examples don't even seem to be pseudo-macros. They look like the <<print>> macro alias syntax. I'm assuming that $plr is an object with, at least, the properties gender and race.

    Regardless. If you've put a normal space between them, then they should print that way. The <<nobr>> macro and the nobr tag should only replace line breaks, not other whitespace.

    Can you show your actual code in more detail? Please, use the code tag, C on the editor bar.
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