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">" character in links in Twine 1.4?

Hey--I've always made a habit of putting a ">" character in links when I'm making Twines--deliberate throwback to old-IF style conventions. The effect would be something like--

You see a box here.

>Open it
>Leave it alone

(which of course I would be formatting as "[[>Open it|Open]]" and so forth)

Problem: Since updating to Twine 1.4, this seems to screw up my formatting--it indents and adds double spacing and just, in general, looks bad. I'm using some custom CSS which otherwise works perfectly, and when I delete the ">" character from the link it looks as I want it to. I figure this is a "feature", but I haven't found it on the release notes. Anyone have any ideas?


  • It looks like a > at the start of a line automatically converts to <blockquote> tags, a la old-style email quotations. You can avoid that by leading your lines with a blank space -- [[ &gt;Open it|Open] rather than [[&gt;Open it|Open]].
  • Thank you so much! That works perfectly. You have done your part today for the world of independently-written text-based gaming!
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