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Timed delay between displaying paragraphs/sentences?

Looking at page I found what I was looking for in <<timedcontinue 2s>> however when I use this I get an error Macro missing. Does this mean there are macros that worked in previous versions of twine that do not or am I missing something here?

Also is there a way to give the player a timed event where they have to choose say a reply in a conversation before the timer runs out, in which case the default answer is used or another example could be having to choose to the cut the blue wire or the red one for diffusing a bomb etc.



  • Did you install the script? (See here to find out how to install scripts.)
  • L wrote:

    Did you install the script? (See here to find out how to install scripts.)

    No I didn't , I am still learning my way around Twine  ;D.  So to "install" a script I just have to have the word script in the tags of the passage?
    I still get an error saying "macro not found" when I tried that.

    Could a demo be created showing how to get this working and also showing how to achieve my second related question? I am sure this would help out other newbies too.

    Thanks for your help :)

  • Create a new passage with "script" in the tag box, or right click and create a new script which does the same thing.

    Paste the code in the passage by itself. Like this:


    Now the macros should work in all your passages.
  • Okay I found the actual script at the top of the page and pasted it in and it works now. Great :)
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