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How to: Remove share buttons, insert pictures

Hello, fine users of the Twine forum!

I can't describe how happy I am with twine. But, there's no harm in making things just a little more to your taste, right?

I was wondering if there was a way to remove the 'share' links from the published HTML
also, any help with embedding a picture? i'm a little dense when it comes to CSS and the such...


  • "Share" links? I just tried making a new game in Sugarcane, Johna and responsive and saw no "share links."

    Remember that there's a Twine Wiki and FAQ.

    There are generally three main ways to show pictures in a Twine game.

    If you want to import the image making it a part of your Twine game, click on "Story" up at the top on menu bar, then click on "Import Image." You'll be given a choice: "From File," or "From URL." Choose "From File" to select an image from your computer, or from URL to use an image from the Web.

    Once the image is imported, Twine encodes and stores the image data in a passage. Once complete, Twine displays the code needed to show the picture. For example, "[img[image_name]]" without the quotes. You don't need to put the ".jpg" or ".gif" or whatever at the end anymore.

    The second way is to use the standard TiddlyWiki shorthand for images: [img[]]

    The third way is to use standard HTML: <img src="">;

    Attached is a story file with all three methods. As a side note, the maximum attachment file size on this forum is 128 KB and importing images makes story files larger. So, the imported image is much smaller than the two that download the image from the Web.

    Hope that helps! :)
  • zededd wrote:

    I was wondering if there was a way to remove the 'share' links from the published HTML
    This menu was removed in Twine 1.4. Please upgrade, if you can!
  • That being said, the CSS to remove the share link would be
    #sidebar #share { display: none; }
    put into any stylesheet passage
  • thank you to everyone. Sorry i didn't reply a bit sooner... i wasn't notified of all the replies and have been running around like a headless chicken haha
    I'll update asap and see about all the other suggestions :)

    Thank you all for your help
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