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feedback on piece

hey folks, I'm brand new to the world of twine and it's all encompassing game creating ability. i made this project for class due next week but i really did want to create a work before that in twine but i had never gotten around to it before. i know it's not very long but if you all could give it a play and give me some feedback, it'd be much obliged for sure. thank you.


  • I like it. If you are new to twine, I suggest that if you are gonna start making another project do some research first. That game was awesome, but if you did some coding and used some macros it would be awesome. Read a bit of this, and do some research (probably watching vids) on CSS. That way, with your next one it will be even more interactive. Why don't you look at some of mine for ideas? This is my website.
  • Much obliged, thank you.
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