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My first game with Twine.

I'm not going to make any alterations to it, but comments still appreciated so I can take them on board for my next one!


  • Nice! I enjoyed the scene changes and I thought the plot was cool, even though I ended up trapped.
  • There are two places where I can think you might be trapped - one is a slight logic oversight (although there is still a route out), and the other is because you've not visited a passage enough times (it changes randomly, only one outcome allows progression).

    If it's neither of those, you hit a bug :)
  • I was trapped in a spot I'd escaped from previously. Maybe more randomness to the non-escape text would be a better clue that I could escape again (if I can), rather than having used up my escapes. Or it could just be that I'm not a big enough fan of puzzle-type games to try the right number of times.
  • Epic fail videos
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