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Carriage House - A Danganronpa-esque Game

I started this today and would like feedback on how it is so far. Thanks!


  • Love the idea!
    I found this passage a bit strange:
    Suddenly, the people in your room propose a way to unloft the bed and make everything fit.

    I initially imagined the main character to be in the room just with Gillian, so in my mind, a bunch of people just popped up from nowhere (suddenly) to help.

    Since you have a paragraph with a lot of names right after, when you follow either David or Dakota, I wonder if it would be best to bold the names of all the persons you meet, to make it more readable.

    One last thing, in Italian we spell Theresa as Teresa.
    (In case you want the ultimate Italian sounding name ;) ).
  • Ah-ha! The Ultimate Jew, you say to yourself.
    Really? :/
  • I'm a fan of Danganronpa, and I got to "Ah-ha! The Ultimate Jew", and I died a little inside. Didn't help that it was followed with "The Ultimate Italian."

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