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[Sugarcube 2.12.0] How to access settings through if macro (or any macro, for that matter)?

Ok, before I begin, I'll warn that I have only beginner levels of experience with twine, so you'll have to bear with me. I'm attempting to create a setting to toggle tutorial for a game that I am creating. Basically, I wish to display a separate dialog on certain pages through an <<if>> macro that would explain the stats and give the player some pointers on what's what. This I can do just fine with regular story variables and the <<if>> macro, and I can create the dialog. The problem I am facing is getting it to work with the Settings API. I want the player to be able to toggle tutorial and have it saved between sessions and save files. So I went and created a toggleable setting called "tutorial", but now, I don't know how to call it in the <<if>> macro. The API itself details how to do it with javascript, but I am crap at that so I sort of failed to adapt the code to my needs.

Here's a mock example of what I want:
<<if tutorial is on>>
<<load dialog through script>>
<<else do nothing>>

And here's the setting in question:
Setting.addToggle("tutorial", {
    label   : "Tutorial",
		default  : true,

I'd be glad if someone could help me do this or possibly provide an alternative method.

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    You're looking for the settings special variable.

    Accessing the tutorial setting via TwineScript would be done like so:
    <<if settings.tutorial>>
    …show tutorial link or whatever…
    Notes, based on your mock example:
    • <<if>> conditional expressions resolve to booleans, so you don't need to compare a boolean to anything, you just use it. Toggle type settings contain boolean values, so simply use the value.
    • Don't include empty <<elseif>> or <<else>> macros. If you do not have something that needs done in that case, then exclude the case entirely. If you want to invert the test, use the not operator.


  • I am a bit of an amateur, so I hope this helps....
    You could use a variable to designate whether or not to run the tutorial?
    <<IF $Tutorial = 1>>
    <<Print Tutorial>>

    I don't know much about Twine 2, but I should think you can still use a link to return to the previous page. That means you can make a link to an 'options menu' at any point and then just click 'return' to go back. Or even just have a button to return you to the current page, but change the tutorial variable from 1 to 0. That way, you can have the Tutorial variable control which button is shown (IE, If 0, show 'turn to 1' button. Else show 'turn to 0' button)

    I really hope that helps dude
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