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Looking for a way to simplify this inventory system management (using sub or parent/child variables)

Hello! In my game the player can wear/equip different items, all represented on the appearance/inventory screen using slots. So when the player picks up an item I have to set 5 different variables for the relevant slot to correctly portray it in the inventory.

For example: A steel chainshirt which goes into the chest slot. I have to set:

Used to refer to the item in the actual story passages, "Your steel chainshirt resists the damage."

Used to briefly mention the item in the inventory. Differs from the name because this variable adds the necessary a/an particle (and potentially an adjective or two), tying into the paragraph that describes your appearance in words, "You are wearing a steel chainshirt and..."

Used to display the item's image in the inventory, small to conserve space.

Used to describe the item in a "new-window" passage, specific to the chest slot, in greater detail, "A fine protective garment made up of intertwined metal rings. Has a moderate defensive value while not weighing you down too much."

Used to display a much larger image for the item, in the "new window" which is item-specific so has a lot of space.

As you might imagine, having to set these 5 variables every time can quickly clutter a story passage, especially if there are multiple items to be picked up and worn available! I am yet new to Twine so I was wondering if there was some way to only set 1 parent variable, while having those other 5 declared in an item-specific passage (there would be a sort of database then, since each item in the game would need to have 1 such passage). Like so:

Player puts on a steel chainshirt. Game sets a variable: $chestSlot="steelchainshirt"

This parent variable links to that item's passage which contains the 5 child variables:


And then finally, in the inventory screen, the chest slot fields are filled with information on account of the game knowing that $chestSlot="steelchainshirt".

Is this possible? Or another solution like it? I am basically looking for a way to be able to avoid having to set 5 variables wherever a wearable item appears in the story passages.


  • it might be a little messy... but is there any way you can use: to effect? You can save the items as passages so your five variables, although invisible, can be used at any moment just by typing <<Steelchainshirt>>
    Best of luck! I'm on a similar (albeit less organised) quest myself
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