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I've been using Twine 1.4.2 ever since it came out but just recently I noticed the "either" function not working. This is kinda problematic for me since I have entire games that I have put hours of time into that rely heavily on the either function. I could go back and rework it using Random, which I've found to be a good substitute but I really do prefer either. My question is why has it stopped working and how can I fix it?


  • You need to state which Story Format (name and version) you are using when you ask a question, as answers can be different for each one.

    An example of your non-working code (containing the either() function) to debug would help whoever looks into your issue.

    It may also help to know which operating system (brand, version, edition, 32/64 bit) and web-browser(s) (name, version, 32/64 bit) use used to test the non-working code.
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