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How do I add a local image file to my story?

I'm using Twine 2 - Harlowe. I know hardly anything about programming. Everything I've done with my story, so far, I've had to look up and copy/paste/edit.

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  • MeekoSoup wrote: »
    Going to be straight with you, eventually you're going to need to delve a bit into the dark arts. But don't fret! You only need to learn "enough" instead of everything.

    As for your question, there are already dozens of links to do this.
    Add an Image, Movie, Sound Effect, or Music

    to name a few.

    If after you read and try out these examples you still feel confused, I'll see if I can help clarify things.

    I figured out a different way to do it. I wanted to use a local image because I know the risks of using an online picture, video, etc. because they're on someone else's server. I downloaded the files, posted them on Facebook (visible only to me), and opened them in new tabs and got those urls. Now, I'm the owner of the web-based file and they'll only get deleted if I delete them! This also decreases the size of game itself because, if I want someone else to play it, they won't have to download a whole folder with pictures and stuff in it.

    Thank you! The links did help with something else I was trying to do!
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