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An issue with timedcontinue & continuelink in Sugarcube

edited February 2017 in Help! with 1.x
Using Twine 1.4.2 with what I believe is the most recent version of Sugarcube 2? Not sure on that. I have the adds-on downloaded for all the continue/replace macros for Sugarcube.

The issue: I have my text inside a div, not in the main passage. When I try to use either of the continue macros, they display both the remaining text... and the end tags for the divs. Obviously, I don't want </div> showing up in the text. What can a fella do? For example, in the screenshot below, I used timedcontinue to delay the text.


(Please ignore the hideous colours of this example haha. Just doing layout prep right now.)


  • If you have sugarcube 2, it comes with its own <<timed>> and <<next>> macros, so for one, you should probably be using those. It'd be a good idea to find out which version you're using, and if it is 2, switch over to those macros and see if that fixes the problem.
  • Are you using the correct version of the macros from SugarCube v2's website?

    Beyond that, when asking about an issue like this, showing a code example of what you're doing is generally more useful than simply showing the results. Please use the code tag—it's C on the editor bar—and show us the markup which is generating the above result.
  • @Chapel I double-checked, and it is indeed Sugarcube 2 that I have.

    However! The <<timed>> macro that you suggested works just fine. That's what I get for learning Sugarcane first; I still have that Sugarcane accent. It's like speaking Québécois to a Frenchman -- works most of the time but causes silly mistakes here and there. Thanks!
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