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How to convert a twine file into html?

It can run only in test play as html. but when i copied the test play URL in Firefox, it showed "File not Found". My file is saved as twine story file. How can i convert it to html?


  • edited February 2017
    First. You should always specify the version of Twine you're using. Also, if asking a question related to a specific story format, you should always specify the story format and its version.

    Assuming that you're using one of the browser-based versions of Twine 2, the Play/Test URLs are for internal use by Twine 2 only, they are not generally useable. You must use the Publish to File menu item to create the compiled HTML version of your project.

    PS: You've started this thread to the Help! with 1.x category, which is focused on Twine 1 support, rather than Twine 2. You'll probably want to take more care in the future. Posting to the wrong category and or using the wrong tags can hurt your chances to receive timely help.
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