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Hey, Do You Want To Get A Pizza?

This is a horror/mystery/slice of life game, let me know if you like it. There are a lot of different paths, so please explore a few different initial options before making a final judgement on it.!/stories/2c1b13dc-25ee-467f-bf47-2c3b75f4f8a6/play


  • edited February 2017
    That's a development URL from the online version of Twine 2. It will not work for anyone but you.

    Use the Publish to File menu item to publish your project as an HTML file. You may then put that file on a website or otherwise make it available to prospective players.

    The Publish My Work article on the wiki may be helpful.
  • Also, you missed the chance of saying that this game is a slice of pizza game :sunglasses:
  • no offence, but why is like 50% of twine games horror games?
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