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Harlowe Crafting System

So I've been looking around for a good crafting system for a game I want to create. My 'genius' idea is a painful one to code and I've tried some coding but it isn't working. What I want it simple, if you have enough parts i.e. wood and metal to create and axe, you can create it and it will be added to your inventory and if you don't, you cant craft it. The closet I have come to finding a proper craft system is on reddit and I will leave a link below if you want to check it out:

Thanks in advanced


  • When asking a question you need to state both the name and version of the story format you are using, as answers can be different for each one.

    The linked article shows how to use individual variables to track the quantity of each resource, and conditional statements to determine when to show specific 'create item' markup links.

    The above methodology could be used to implement what you are asking for, or are you looking for a more advanced solution where the definition of a craft-able item also includes details about what is needed to create said item?
  • Yes I am looking for a crafting system code where it shows detail about what is require to craft said item and I am using Harlowe on 2.1.0
  • edited February 2017
    I am using Harlowe on 2.1.0
    Twine 2.1.0 comes with two versions of Harowe (1.2.3 and 2.0.0), you need to state which one you are using because they have different built-in features, especially when it comes to looping collections and displaying lists on screen.
  • Sorry Greyelf for not clarifying, I'm using 2.0.0
  • Changing my version of Harlowe, I did notice that there are some changes and some of my own coding I used on 1.2.3 don't work on 2.0.0, so I have gone back to 1.2.3 and if you have been trying some coding and spent time working on a system in 2.0.0 I am very sorry for wasting your time.
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