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Using Images in 1.4.2

I'm trying to make something in twine that has a lot of images. I was using 1.4.2 so that I could import them (which I'm not sure if I can do in 2), but now I've imported so many that I'm getting some sort of memory error, which I gather is caused by all the images making the file size too large or something. So now I'm wondering what the easiest way to show images without importing them would be. Is there a way to link to images that are just in the same folder on my computer as the twine file? Or will I need to upload the images online somewhere and link to those URLs? This is in Harlowe I think, or just whatever the default format for 1.4.2 is.


  • edited February 2017
    Harlowe is only available in Twine 2. The default story format in Twine 1 is Sugarcane—not to be confused with SugarCube.

    You may use a relative URL if you include the images with the compiled HTML. For example, if you had a directory named images alongside the HTML file which contained your images, then your image markup would look something like the following:
  • Okay thanks! I realized that it was actually Sugarcane not long after I made the post - I was confused because I had also been using Twine 2 for something else. I'll do that with the images!
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