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Putting an Image in a Button - SugarCube 2

Hi guys,

Is it possible to insert an image (specifically, an icon) into a button? I want to have a button with some text in it, and then a small icon on the end.

The reasoning behind this is so I can mark certain choices the player might make with familiar icons, to indicate they require skill checks or might involve a loss of alignment.


  • You can include a HTML img element within the Link Text.
    <<link "some text <img src='some-image.png'>">><</link>>
  • Thanks heaps! I'd tried that HTML, but I'd assumed it wasn't working because of a stray character.
  • If you are using relative URLs (like the one in my example) then you will only be able to see the images when viewing a story HTML file created using the Publish to File option. The Test and Play options do not support relative URLs.
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