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Sugarcane 1.4.2 CSS help

I figured out a layout that I want for my game but unfortunately I still can't quite figure out the way to modify the CSS (the header.html file located at the twine sugarcane directory) to my liking. Anyway, the layout that I want is pretty simple and I drew it using paint + screenshot of the default sugarcane layout. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!



  • To edit CSS for sugercane, you have to create a passage and add the tag "stylesheet" to it. You can then write your CSS directly into that passage.

    As for achieving the look that you're going for, is a useful resource for creating layouts with CSS, so I would recommend that you start there and google what you can't figure out from that. Twine uses some specific selectors for parts of the interface, but those can also be found by a moment's use of google.

    For non-layout CSS help, you can usually find the answer through google pretty easily, like "how to set font with CSS".

    Hope that helps
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