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Customizing list numbers

edited February 2017 in Help! with 2.0
I read in Harlow 1.2.3 manual :
If you use multiple 0. tokens (0.0., 0.0.0. etc.) for the bullet, you will make a nested list, which uses different numbering from outer lists, and are indented deeper.
Though, when I create a nested list (Twine 2 online, Harlow 1.2.3), I get the same numbering for all levels.
Is there an easy way to customize the numbering ?


  • edited February 2017
    If it can be customized, hopefully someone else will answer. I would point out though that by "uses different numbering" the instructions don't mean the appearance of the numbers will change, but that the order of the numbers is unrelated between nested lists; note that the numbering starts over at 1 every nested level, and only increments to 2 on the same level.
  • OK, my bad, thanks for clarifying that. I dug deeper into my CSS ressources and finally found out how to do it, by adding these lines to the css :
        ol ol {list-style-type: lower-alpha;}
        ol ol ol {list-style-type: lower-greek;}
    I get :

    Hope this can help others.
  • Oh, very nice resource. Thanks!
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