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Checkbox variable

Hello folks

I'm kinda new on the "programming world" and i'm having some trouble.. I want to make the variables in the checkboxes show up but I can't find the tutorial to do this (I'm using Harlowee Macros)... Basically I want that the game tells the player wich checkbox he or she didn't checked ( he/she needs to complete all the tasks, if not the game have to redirect the player to another passage saiyng wich tasks he didn't complete). Can anyone help me?

ps: english isn't my mother language so i dunno if I made myself clear


  • (if: $stat is true)[<input type="checkbox" disabled checked />](else:)[<input type="checkbox" disabled />]You completed the first task.

    Is this what you're looking for?
  • Your example is one way to do what you want.

    You don't need the "is true" (or "is false") part when checking if a variable (or expression) is true or false, you should do one of the following.
    (set: $var to true)
    (if: $var)[The variable equals true]
    (set: $var to false)
    (if: not $var)[The variable equals false]
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