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Installing Sugarcube - am I missing something obvious?


Here's my twine1.4 "targets" directory, yet when I load Twine, I don't see any listing for Sugarcube in the Story Formats, and when I try to load a story that uses it, I get this message: CKgUVzqJj.png

What am I missing? I've tried to follow the instructions, so it must be something very basic.


  • I'm not sure if those pictures worked, either, though they work for me when opened in a new tab. They're at and , anyway.
  • The image showing your targets folder's content tells us that you have installed a version of SugarCube 2

    The image showing the error message that is stating it can't find sugarcube, which is the "Format ID" / "Folder Name" of the story format, tells us the Story was written using one of the versions of SugarCube 1

    You will need to download and install the latest version of SugarCube 1.
  • That's so obvious in retrospect! Thank you!

    Unfortunately, I'm still getting the same message, which means (I think) that the way I've (now) installed 'Sugarcube' must be as incorrect as the way I've installed 'Sugarcube 2'. This is the targets folder now: - but I still get no option to switch to either format, even after restarting, and I still receive an identical error when I attempt to open the file.
  • edited February 2017
    There's a bug in the current version of Twine 1.4 for macOS which screws up the story format ID.

    Reported in the Accessing Sugarcube story across Mac and Windows thread. IIRC, the author of that thread came up with a workaround.
  • Thank you! With this help, I got it working - thank you again for all of the wonderful work you do.

    Here's what I did, in case anyone else has the same problem:
    1) Installed the sugarcube directory to Package Contents/Contents/Resources/Targets (note - this is *not* the targets directory parallel to the app, which is apparently a different thing; as far as I can tell, the information in places like is inaccurate. I can edit the wiki if this is correct).
    2) opened the original .tws in a text editor and changed 'sugarcube' to '' as detailed in that thread.

    Thanks again!
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