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And all of a sudden, TWINE don't want to start (on LINUX)

Hello there !
My computer is under Linux Mint (64bits). I decided to try Twine, and I had fun.
When I decided to close the program, it didn't work. So, after lots of tries, I did a "top / killall Twine". It worked (of course).
And I could re-launch Twine later. Great.
And now, I can't start Twine at all. Through command line, it says :
"[5553:5554:0313/] Invalid message size: 527475992
Instruction non permise"
I tried trashing my cache (.cache/Twine) and the Story files in Documents, but nothing changed...
Anyone ?


  • Hi Jerubuntu,

    Please state which version of Twine 2 you are using as that will help the smarties work out what's going on.

    I'm not a Twine smartie myself, but I DO use Twine 2.1.0 on Linux Mint (64 bits) regularly. I find that it works great ... until it doesn't. I've had a problem with being unable to start Twine myself (among various other problems).

    My usual course of action is to backup my story to an external drive, completely wipe Twine and reinstall, being careful to make sure that it's got root permissions. Bearing in mind I am not a coder and therefore no whiz with Mint OR Twine, I just do whatever is simplest.

    Usually, a clean install will solve the problem. You've likely already tried this, but just thought I would put it out there.
  • Hello,
    Thanks answering.

    I use Twine 2.1.1.
    I'll try again uninstalling and reinstalling Twine.
    I'll tell you the result.

    Anyone else got any idea ?
  • Bonjour
    Encore des bugs avec les versions traduites en français...
    Seule la série des Twine 2.0. fonctionne sans problème. Si tu renonces pour l'instant à la série 2.1. tu ne devrais plus avoir de difficultés.
    Quelques tuyaux en français sur (encore en chantier).
  • Mrci, je pars à la recherche d'une zip-ball de Twine 2.0 ;-)
  • Je dois dire : un grand merci. J'ai pris le 2.0.11, et tout se passe comme il faut ! MERCI !
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