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Impossible to importe an archive file

Hello !
Sorry to bother the community, but I run into an issue that is rather new to me.
I've written a story, and exported it to an archive file. When I try to reimport it on my computer (a Mac with OSX.11), it works, no matter which browser I use. But when I try to share it with other people it doesn't. They click on the "Import from file" button and select the aforementioned file, and the software loads for a second, but then nothing shows up on the stories page. The miniature of the story they would be supposed to click on in order to access the source never shows up. It's as if the file I sent them was blank - not even an error message is displayed.
Would you by any chance have a hint on what may cause this?


  • Which version of Twine 2 are you using?

    Is the other person using the same version of Twine 2?

    Are you able to upload the archive HTML somewhere (like Dropbox, Mega, etc...) and supply us a link (in a Personal Message if you want to limit the access to the archive) so that someone can look at the file for you?
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    Well, the other person is using Twine 2 online, so I guess that's the latest version. I think i've made the file in a slightly earlier version of Twine2, but when I try to import it on Twine 2 online on my computer, it works just fine.
    There's not much secret about the file, here it is: Morale - Twine Archive.html?dl=0

    Thanks for your help!
  • I looked at the files contents and noticed that the story project's format-version property has no value. That property should state the version number of the story format selected (Harlowe), so as the project states it was created using Twine 2.1.1 then the format-version should equal either "1.2.3" or "2.0.0".

    I also noticed that the contents was not in English, is your operating system (OS) or the Twine 2 application itself configured to use a non-English language? I ask because some people are having other issues in both of these cases. Is the other person using the same language setup as you?

    Both my OS and Twine 2 are configured to English and I was able to import your archive file successfully (without an format-version value) into both the on-line and the local web-browser based releases of Twine 2.1.1, I don't currently have the install-able release of 2.1.1 installed so I was not able to test using that.

    You could manually assign a value to the project's format-version property and see if that works for the other person. This can be done by:

    1. Opening a copy of the archive file within a Text Editor.

    Windows comes with Notepad installed and I'm sure OSX has one pre-installed as well.

    2. Locate the format-version property on the first line of the file and change it's value to one of the following depending on which version of Harlowe you're using.

    3. Save the modified file and get the other person to import it again.

    If the above did not work and if the other person has Twine 2 configured to a language other than English then they may want to temporary change the application to English and try importing the file again.

    I suggest you open a new issue on the Twine 2 project's repository and let the developers know about the problem, also attach a copy of the archive file without a format-version property.

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    Thank you!
    I'll try those two things and let you know how it went.
    It is possible that the person I sent the document to has Twine configured to German, so this seems like a good lead to me.
    Thanks again!
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