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Harlowe 2 Passage editor bug?

Help, this is driving me crazy:
Does it only happen to me??
That "line count dot" hides the text I'm writing it REALLY bugs me.
Only happens with Harlowe 2.
Happened to me on the online editor, with Firefox AND Chrome, and also on the offline Twine software.


  • edited March 2017
    It is a bug, yes. I cannot say for certain, however, it's probably already been fixed and added to the next version of Twine 2—whenever it's released.
  • I 'solved' it by downgrading to Twine 2.1.0.
    Downloading the latest Harlowe release and trying to import it into Twine 2.1.1 didn't work. :neutral:
  • Same thing happened to me, and I don't know why either. What operating system are you using?
  • Windows 7 64 bits
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