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Help with losing story file and Twine now not working.

So we created a story, and accidentally closed Twine's application before saving. Upon reopening we just have a grey twine window with no options to do anything. We have accessed the HTML version of the story but it isn't showing up if I try to click and drag it and it doesn't even come up when I try to open in chrome.

It just seems broken. And now the entire Twine application doesn't even work to start a new story. I've deleted it and re-downloaded it, and I compressed the HTML file. Nothing is helping. Any suggestions?

TLDR; Closed without saving, can't open HTML file and now Twine doesn't work.


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    When asking about an issue with one of the Twine applications, you should always state the type of Twine release—i.e. executable or browser-based—and its version, because advice will tend to vary based on that information. You should also include information about your OS.

    Are you using the executable or browser-based edition of Twine 2 and what is its full version? Which OS are you using and what is its version?
  • I've had the same problem, it seems to have been fixed when I uninstalled Twine 2, then deleted the Twine folder in C:\Users\yourusername\appdata\Local

    Found this solution on the following thread:

    I had no saved story at this time so I can't say if you'll get your story back unfortunately.

    Good luck!
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