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Using symbolic link to store stories at various location on disk on windows 10

Hi all,

After struggling for a while on how to save stories to another location and found no way, I devised a small work around.

The original goal was to store all stories in a github repo along with my unity3d game.

Here are the steps:
1. Copy your story to the new location. Example c:\github\MyStory.html
2. Open a command windows with administrator privilege in c:\Users\<user>\Documents\Twine\Stories\
3. del MyStory.html (make sure you initial copy worked well!) or back up your story at another location.
3. Run the following command mklink /H MyStory.html c:\github\MyStory.html
4. Repeat for as many stories as you wish to relocate

There you go. You can now work in Twine and the resulting story will be stored in c:\github

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