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Upgrading Harlowe 2.x

edited March 2017 in Help! with 2.0
I don't see a story format download area anywhere for Harlowe. Will I have to wait for the next version of Twine to upgrade Harlowe? I am using whichever version that comes with Twine 2.1.0


  • Online you're basically screwed,however you can update the version of harlowe in offline you download it from the harlowe website and then you load it from formats and add new format, but ya online won't work
  • And when Khaloodxp says download it I believe they actually meant:

    1. Download the most recent version of the project's repository from the Downloads page, because as far as I know the developer does not create/release downloadable interim builds.

    2. Compile your own local version of Harlowe using the instructions found in the Compilation section of the repository's Overview page. Which will require you to have node.js installed.
  • Thank you both. I had seen the repository. I was hoping for a direct download because I'm lazy sometimes. I will have to dig into the node.js docs. The instructions seem straightforward, but the tools are less than user friendly.

    I will figure it out, that's part of the fun!
  • I'm not finding anything anything in node.js docs on compiling anything.

    I don't see on the overview page for Harlowe anything about node.js. Just the ambiguous "use these commands to build Harlowe"

    make abc

    No offense to the author, but that really doesn't help.
  • Harlowe uses a, roughly, traditional UNIX build workflow. The "make" commands are a part of that workflow. If you do not have access to UNIX binutils, then you're going to have difficulty compiling Harlowe. Even if you do, unless you're using an environment similar to the author you'll probably need to make some modifications to the Makefile.
  • I was afraid of that.

    With no direct download available, no choice but to wait.
  • edited March 2017
    Keening wrote: »
    No offense to the author, but that really doesn't help.
    Normally a person using the Harlowe story format would never need to build their own version of it, so there is an assumption that if you are going to develop/build your own version then you know about programming in general and the Javascript language (and its related technologies) specifically.

    The source includes a Makefile file, this indicates that you will need a make utility like GNU Make to run those commands, some operating systems have a utility like this pre-installed and some don't.

    The contents of the Makefile file and the existence of a package.json file both indicate that nodejs is required to compile a new format.js file.

    Yes, the existing instructions could be more detailed but then again the're not targeted at the general user of the story format.
  • And that's ok. I was just hoping. It's not a real big deal. Chances are that even if I could build it, the bug that doesn't let you add formats would make it all moot. The bug is worse in Twine 2.1.1 than in 2.1.0 from what I have read.

    Thank you everyone. I do really appreciate it!
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