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"MouseButtonDown" detection, and basic rhythm mechanics (reliable timing)

I'm a beginner in coding and game development.

I would ask these questions discreetly to help discussion be more thorough, but as a new member of the forum I'm worried I might have trouble getting multiple posts approved quickly.

Here's a descriptive example of what I'm looking for:

- element appears, animates for a few moments, becomes primed
- element is held, animates, secondary priming
- narrow window of time the player has to release element
- narrow window of time the player has to engage another element, etc.

Timing does not need to be as precise as a conventional music/rhythm game would require.

Compatibility with touch-screens is greatly prefered but not critical.


  • If I find a solution I'll post it here, but I think I'm going to bite the bullet and push through my learning disorder (my brain hates coding so much) so I can make something like this in Unity.
  • edited March 2017
    What's listed there is a whole heap of things that depends on a whole heap of other things and I'm not sure how such mechanics would be used in a text game.
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