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story file disappeared

After working on, and saving as I worked, my first story file, I went to start a 2nd story, and then the 1st one disappeared--was nowhere when I tried to go back to it. I am working with version 1.4.2 on my Mac using OSX, and I was using Twine after downloading it on to my computer. The program Twine seems to be working fine, but my story is gone from my Twine Folder. Any help retrieving it would be hugely appreciated; this represents hours and hours of intensive, rich work. Thank you.


  • As far as I'm aware the Python based 1.x application does not include a delete project file option, nor internal code which can delete TWS files off a local hard-drive. This leads me to believe that missing file was either accidentally manually deleted or moved to another folder.

    Did your second story project have a different story name than the missing project, thus in turn a different TWS file name. Because is the story name was the same this could possibly lead to the second project file overwriting the first.

    Did you search your hard-drive to see if missing TWS file had been moved to a different folder?

    Did you check the operating systems equivalent of a Recycle Bin to see if the missing file is there?
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