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How do I get rid of a broken link?

I'm using Twine 2 Harlowe. For some reason, I have a problem where the links on some of my pages aren't clickable. They are red when I simulate the game and instead of letting me click on them they display a "banned" symbol (like the no smoking sign without the cigarette) when hovered over. Because of this there's no way I can continue the game. I've attached a screenshot of my Start page for convenience. Is there something wrong I'm doing? Thanks!


  • Please state the name and full version number of the Story Format you are using, as answers can be different for each one. I will assume you are using Harlowe v1.2.3

    A Broken markup link indicate that you are targeting a Passage that does not exist.

    eg. The following markup link would appear as broken if the story did not contain a Passage named Target Passage Name
    [[Link Text->Target Passage Name]]

    One common cause of this problem is having invalid white-space (like space characters) between the -> operator and the Target Passage Name, or after the Target Passage Name. This causes the Passage created to also include white-space at the start/end of it's name, which can interfere when locating it.
    [[This is a bad markup link-> Target Passage Name]]
    [[So is this-> Target Passage Name ]]
    [[and this is as well->Target Passage Name ]]
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