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Proofing Without Codes

edited March 2017 in Help! with 2.0
I've been trying to export a pdf proof copy from twine. But it always shows the codes too:
<<set $x to 0>>

Is there a way that it would just print the text in the passages and not the accompanying codes too?
(I'm following the suggestion on importing published story from offline version of twine to the web version to export to pdf.)

Twine 2 2.1.0(Downloadable)
SugarCube 2.16.0(Offline)
Mac OS El Capitan


  • There is no built-in way that I know of to do what you want.

    A scripting language like Python or Javascript combined with some RegEx expressions could be used on a Story Project HTML file to strip out the passage's name and text only content.
  • Yep, i agree, you need your own toolset to maintain many parts of your story. I also use python scripts to build a list of images that my game uses and I use the same script to assemble my 'images' folder. Other than that I use JavaScript to determine wether I am in release or debug mode when launching my game from Twine. This way I can display my images in both modes.

    One other thing JS might be good is dynamically looking up 'a' and 'an' by looking up vowels in words and many other things.
  • Okay. Thank you for answering!
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