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Twine is refusing to open, then quitting.

Just having responded to someone on this forums, having played round with a solution on twine. (Twine 2.1.0) I decided to check out Harlowe 2.0.0 and check out experimenting on format change. I accidently clicked on the language tabe, and couldn't escape it. Not working out how to escape it, I clicked on the British flag. This however seems to have caused a catastrophic failure in Twine. It can no longer open properly, al I can see is a white space and an unclickable bar with 'Twine and 'edit' at the top. I shut down my computer, restarted, still the problem persisted. I unistalled, and re-installed the latest Twine 2.1.1, that too fails to open. I fear have corrupted some underlying setting the user preferences the application relies on? Any help greatly appreciated!


  • Thankfully I've solved the problem... I should have gone to the Twine BitBucket earlier.

    For those equally having the problem Thomas M Edwards had the solution:

    With Twine 2 closed, try deleting its application cache directory.

    You can find it at {USER}\AppData\Local\—entering %LocalAppData% in explorer or run (WIN+R) will take you there. Once there, find the Twine directory and delete it, along with its contents.
  • Kallooka wrote: »
    For those equally having the problem Thomas M Edwards had the solution
    FYI that's TheMadExile - They're one and the same.
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