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Send the player to a passage without him doing something

I use Sugarcube 2.+ version.

I´d like to know a command that sends the user directly to a passage, without having him click on anything.

e.g. if certan criteria are met and player gets to passage x, he is directly redirected to y then. While if the condition is not met, he may stay in x.


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    You need to state the story format's name and full version number, as answers can be different for each one.

    You can use the <<goto>> macro to do what you want.

    eg. Assuming you have previously assigned a value to a variable like so:
    <<set $hasHat to true>>
    ... then you could use an <<if>> macro combined with the <<goto>> macro to send the reader to the Other passage, otherwise display the text you want them to read for this passage.
    <<if $hasHat>><<goto "Other">><</if>>\
    Welcome to this passage, I am sure you will enjoy reading what is written here.
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