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Disappearing font macro effect

I think I may have come across a bug (but more likely its me). I've insert a font macro into one of passages, to bring up a webding.
(css:  "font-size: 0.65em")[(font: "webdings")[P]

So far so easy, in CSS I started styling the tw-story without issue. What I have found is that when using the CSS belowm stopped the (font:) macro from rendering.
tw-story {  
    font-size: 1.1em;

Changing the font-size to a percentage worked out fine however.
tw-story {  
    font-size: 125%;

Im guessing this has something to do with the (css: ) macro clashing with the CSS somehow.


  • edited March 2017
    You need to state both the name and full version number of the Story Format you are using, as answers can be different for each one. Based on the examples syntax I assume it's Harlowe and I will guess that it's the current default of v1.2.3

    Which web-browser (brand and version) are you using?

    I tested your example (with first tw-story rule) on Windows 10 and it worked in the latest versions of Chrome and Internet Explorer**.

    WARNING: Someone with more CSS and Font experience may have a better answer.

    Firefox will show the letter P instead because (as far as I know but I could be wrong as I have never used that symbol font) they don't support the Window's WebDings font, and based on this bug report haven't done so for a while . This can be tested using the following simple example.
    <!DOCTYPE html>
    	<title>Webdings Test</title>
    	<style type="text/css">
    		.em-size {
    			font-family: Webdings;
    			font-size: 1.5em;
    		.percent-size {
    			font-family: Webdings;
    			font-size: 150%;
    	<span class="em-size">P</span>
    	<span class="percent-size">P</span>

    (**) I did not test using Microsoft Edge because no Twine 2 story HTML file built with either Harlowe or SugarCube works in that web-browser for me, although ones built using Snowman do.
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