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Traverse all passages

I have stuff like: <<timed 21s>> in my passages. Each one has it. Is there a way to traverse all the passages in a recursive manner and calculate the most amount of time that a user can go from passage X to passage Y ? I know there are possible issues of infinite loops, but I'll handle that. I first need to figure out if I can traverse all the passages, how to get a reference from one passage to any other that it points to and then retrieve the `timed` value.

Any ideas?


  • Not really, no. That said, if you just want to be able to know the total delay for any given path chosen by the player, you could simply initialize a story variable to 0 and increment it before each <<timed>>. For example:
    <<set $totalDelay += 21>>\
    <<timed 21s>>...<</timed>>
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