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[Harlowe 1.2.3] Startup Passage seems to break formatting on the following passage

Hey guys -

I've built a passage with all my initialization variables with the startup tag, and it seems to work fine and indeed establishes variables no matter where you jump into the story, but it does break the formatting on the first line of whatever passage you start at.

So for instance the Story Starting Point's first line is the title of the game using Heading markup:

#Title of the Game

Works fine without a startup passage, but with the passage it prints it as unmarked up text, showing the Hash.

Tried a few things, adding carriage returns, etc, but it seems to always close the whitespace and then disable that first line's markup. Any tips on a fix?


  • I can try testing this out later, but as a quick solution, just try using html tags:
  • Unfortunately any visual output generated within a startup tagged passage is added to the top of the first passage shown, this output includes any line-breaks contained within 'startup'.

    Use the following CSS in your Story Stylesheet area to hide that 'startup' output.
    tw-include[type="startup"] {
    	display: none;
  • edited April 2017
    Thanks for the tips guys.

    @chapel Using html markup on the title passage worked! However, starting the story anywhere else means that that first line will be broken. Not a problem for the user, obviously, but a little annoying for debugging. I might try inserting a <br /> tag in the startup passage.

    Edit: even with a <br /> tag in the startup passage it still breaks the formatting of anything following. :/

    @greyelf: Using CSS to hide the startup tagged passage did not work for me, sorry man. I think this is a problem with how Twine is processing the passages unseparated, not a display issue
  • @koboldstyle: I was tired when I first read your problem and I admit to not reading it full.

    Heading markup breaking due to startup/header tagged passages is a known issue in Harlowe (both 1.x and 2.x) and has been for a while, as demonstrated by this comment in the What is the best way to change... thread.

    I strongly suggest you create a new issue on the Harlowe project repository so that the developer knows about the problem and can create a fix.
  • Will do! No worries about your attempted fix, I still appreciate the response!
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