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Temp variables in hooks

I'm using Twine 2.1.1 w/ Harlowe.

I have a temp variable called "_parser" that lives in a "header" passage. I want to use this to style certain lines of text that are meant to be in a "narrator voice" which talks to the reader, different from the regular text of the story.
(set: _parser to (text-colour: yellow))

I use this like so in passages, which works fine:
Jane pets her cat. _parser[Do you have cat?]

But when I try this:
_parser[You're going to love this part.]

[CONTINUE]<cont| (click-replace:?cont)[Jane pets her cat. _parser[Do you have a cat?]]

I get the runtime message "There isn't a temp variable named _parser in this place." Is there any way to get the inside-the-hook reference to the temp variable to know about the global one in the header? Is that the problem? Thanks for the help!
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