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Cannot open old story in Twine 1.4.2

I found an old story (2+ years) while looking through my files. I can't open it, but I'm able to open other smaller Twine files from around that time.

I have Twine 1.4.2. Any help will be appreciated.


  • I was able to download and successfully open your TWS file using my copy of v1.4.2

    I will attached a ZIP archive file contain the TWEE source version of your story to a separate post, you will be able to use the Twine application File > Import > Twee Source Code menu option to recreated your story project from the TWEE file.
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  • Thank you! I was able to open my file with your instructions. One more question though, would you happen to know why I couldn't open it in the first place? Even after recovering the file, it's not the same as how I left it. All of the passages are now stacked vertically...

  • Does Twine 1 v1.4.2 give an error when you attempt to open the TWS?

    The TWS lists the selected story format as SugarCube (v1)—not to be confused with Sugarcane. If you do not currently have SugarCube (v1) installed, then that would be one possible reason why you couldn't successfully open the TWS.
  • It does give an error, yes. But that's odd—I just checked the file that greyelf gave me, and it lists the story format as Sugarcane, which is what all of my old stories have been written in.

  • Kaivu wrote: »
    ...the file that greyelf gave me...
    TWEE source files don't record which Story Format was being used, so when you used that file to create a new Story Project TWS it defaulted to Twine v1.4.2's default Story Format which is Sugarcane.
  • Oh okay, that explains it. Thank you!

    ...Now I really feel like a noob, but I can't find the button that lets you mark comments as answers.
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