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Click links not showing?

Why don't my click links show up? Harlowe 2.0.1,
(set: _setterTest to "unset")|text>[This is an example text to see if this works.]

(click: "Click this toto change the variable")[(replace: ?text)[(set: _setterTest to "set")This text should change variable to (print: _setterTest).]]

(click: "This should only change the text")[(replace: ?text)[This is just a different piece of text]]


  • As explained in it's documentation, a (click:) macro by itself does not create a link, it needs to either: 1. be associated with a named hook; or 2. target text being displayed on the same page.
    [Please select me!]<hookname|
    (click: ?hookname)[link was selected]
    No, select me!
    (click: "No, select me!")[link was selected]

    Where as the (link:) macro does create a link without the need of either a named hook or target text.
    (link: "Link text to select")[link was selected]

    Change your (click:) macros to (link:) macros and your example will work.
  • Ah! I thought it worked like (link:)!

    Thank you for the explanation.
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