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trouble publishing from web version, using chrome on Android

Hi, Ive been searching for a few days for an answer including this forum so I hope this isnt a duplicate!
I'm using twine 2 web, using chrome on an android table.
"publish to file" results in the "downloading..." popup appearing briefly but no download actually taking place
this is the same from either inside the story, or from the story browser
same if I try to use "archive"

reading this forum I have tried a few things, changing the story format back and forth and moving the start point, still same results.
I have tried downloading the page using chrome's feature for this but im left with a 377kb "txt" file (would this be roughly the correct size? my story is text only, about 2,700 words, 56 passages, 70 links) which im not sure what i can do with, opening just results in a page with the url at the top, even when i change the file type to html.

I hope someone can hep me with this, I'd like to be able to recover this story even if there isnt a way to continue working with twine on a tablet (though I'd like to keep using tablet too as its really practical for my work flow)

thanks and all the best!



  • Realised I should have used to drop down to set this as a question!

    As an update, I tried making a quick twine on my desktop through chrome (downloaded archive and publish fine) and with my android mobile with chrome (same as the tablet, download pop-up notification but nothing actually downloads for publish or archive).

    Does twine simply not work through chrome on android? I read that it doesn't like Safari somewhere.
  • Hey, I just figured this out, though not on Android. Have you made sure you have set a story format and a starting passage? Make sure you do both, or else it won't play, save itself, or publish to a file.
  • yeah thanks Max, I have done both those things (second para in OP).
    I'm beginning to think its a problem with the Chrome android app , but I can't be the only person that's tried to use Twine on one of these devices!
  • Update:

    Seems to be an issue with chrome and downloading.
    Installed puffin and did a test with a new twine and it will publish to gdrive but not do to device.
    Does twine have support for android chrome?
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