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Is this a link, or not?

Hi, all!

This is part of a passage's code (the meaning of the French words is not important):
(set: $grille01 to it + 1)Voulez-vous [[[b]continuer à pousser la grille[/b]|Grille01]] ou [[[i]abandonner le jeu[/i]|Abandon]] ?

The bold text and the text in italics are both links, and they work as such. Yet the bold text is not displayed as a link, it has another color. What is it and how can I give it a link's color? I'm using Harlowe 1.2.4.

Thanks in advance.


  • WARNING: Harlowe defaults both its markup based links and macro based links to have a CSS font-weight value of bold, this is why all links appear bold. One way to get around this is to reset the font-weight with CSS like the following but this will effect all links in your story.
    tw-link, .enchantment-link {
    	font-weight: normal;

    You are using the wrong type of brackets in your HTML bold and italic elements, they should be angle brackets (less than & greater than) instead of the square brackets you are using.

    eg. bold and italic HTML elements.
    <b>Bold Text</b>
    <i>Italic Text</i>

    When used in markup based links they would look like the following.
    [[<b>Bold</b> Link Text|Target Passage]]
    [[<i>Italic</i> Link Text|Target Passage]]
  • Thanks for your patience, greyelf.
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