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Passages won't auto-create - Help needed

I saw on a tutorial video that when you make a text link in your passage, and the passage link hasn't already been created, it will automatically create it for you. Of course, I can make the passages myself, but it would make it way faster if it automatically made it itself and every time I do close the passage, it doesn't create them automatically, it just has an arrow pointing to a red X. If there is nothing you guys can do, thats perfectly fine, I'll just use the + Passage button, I was just wondering if this was removed in a recent update, or different in the client, or anything like that. Thanks!


  • This is a known bug in Twine 2.1.3. Older versions (don't use 2.1.2) don't seem to have it. For some people, clicking the X to close the passage editor instead of clicking outside the passage editor makes the new passages appear, but ymmv. I'm sure the developers are working on fixing this issue for the next release as they are aware of the bug. You could help out by providing more info on the issue tracker if your bug is somehow different.
  • This also happens to me. I'm so new to this that I didn't even know it was a bug! What info might be useful for me to provide, and where would I best send it, please?
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