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Twine Crashes On Start

Hi all,

I have recently downloaded twine 2.1.3 for Windows (32-bit). After I have installed the file and try to open it, Twine crashes immediately and I am given the error "nwjs has stopped working". I have been unable to find a solution anywhere so if anyone has any ideas, I would be very grateful - I am desperate to use it!

In case it is of relevance, my Laptop is running Windows Vista 2007 service pack 1 (is this the issue????). I have tried reinstalling the download multiple times but it still does not work.

Any help would be much appreciated



  • warning: I am not one of the developers nor am I an expert of node.js or nw.js (node-webkit)

    The install-able release of the Twine 2 application is built using nw.js which relies on the node.js framework.

    Based on the information found in Issue 3804 Drop Windows XP (and Vista) support in 6.0 on the node.js project repository it is possible that Windows Vista may not be a supported operating system. I don't have a copy of that version of Windows (I skipped over it) so I am unable to create a virtual environment to test your problem.
  • Thanks for that - I think you are right, unfortunately it won't work on my operating system...
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