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Harlowe: Returning to Last Page which has (or doesn't have) a certain tag.

Hello ..

I'm working on a rudimentary RPG in Harlowe 2.1.1. I have passages for the rooms in my "dungeon" (Tagged: MAP), and separate pages for simple turn-based-combat (Character's Attack and Monster's Attack, Tagged: COMBAT).

Combat cycles back and forth between those pages until someone is dead. After you win the battle, I want the character to leave combat and return to the last "MAP" page.

The usual ...
(go-to:  (history:)'s last)
isn't going to work, since inevitably the last several pages have been combat, not inside the map itself.

Can I create a link to go back to the last page with the tag "MAP", or the last page NOT tagged "COMBAT"?

Alternatively, skipping tags altogether, can you store passage names in variables, and call them as links later? For example, on the last map page I could:
(set: $returnpage to "Room1")

Then after combat, create a link to go back to $returnpage. I have tried this in a few different ways, but I can't seem to get the syntax correct.

Sorry if these are obvious questions - I searched for quite a bit before posting to no avail.



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