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Weird Bug in sugarcube 2.x Twine 2.x where a double slash comment causes bad evaluation


I was stuck for 2-3 days in my twine game project and decided to get help from forums. I was trying to create a workaround and simplfied version of my code to demonstrate the problem. And I have found this weird bug where a comment with two backslash causes following crush fault:
Apologies! An error has occurred. You may be able to continue, but some parts may not work properly

Error [StoryInit]: <<run>>: bad evaluation: $Distinct is not defined.

Code goes to StoryInit passage
<<run (function() {
// problem workaround

$Stat = function(id, start) {
	// default gain updater that's a normal stat expected to have
	this.getUpdate = function(amount) {
		return new $Updater(
			[ new $Modifier(, new $Fn(this.modify, new $Args(amount), this)) ]

$Distinct = function(updaters) {

	var here = "is not important and this is simplfied code from my project"		
	// it's whether $Modifier or $Requirement that both has id property

	return "if you remove the comment above everything works fine?!"


This is simplfied and cropped from my project. If you simply create an empty twine with story format sugarcube 2.x add a StoryInit and replace the code above, then try to run project. You should get the error that I got. Simply remove the comment that's in $Distinct object. Everything works fine.

here is the workaround that you can load into twine. let me know what do you think.
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